Social Media Communication, Digital, Concept Design, Video

We manage Vestel’s employer brand communication activities under the name of Vestel Career in line with social media. We’ve listed examples from some of our projects.


V’li is the face of Vestel Career on the social media! V’li is actually an artificial intelligence persona. An atypical Human Resources Specialist who follows popular TV shows, celebrates Valentine’s Day, and sharing the energy of the youth on International Dance Day as part of the Vestel Career family building the future with the youth. V’li is always online to answer the questions of anyone wishing to enter the world of imaginary Vestel City filled with opportunities, and give them recommendations! You can hang via DM.


There was a mysterious red door awaiting the students who participate in the ITU Career Summit. Well then to where this door was opening? To the dream career of the students, i.e. Vestel City! Students who opened to door obtained information from Vestel employees, and easily seized the job and internship opportunities using the QR Code on the screen!


Artificial intelligence proved that it is not merely an algorithm dependent to the intelligence of its developer. So, we shared the DeepBach – Bach illusion, which can be summarized as “Like utopia, but not quite!”, with the students of METU Engineering Department, inventors of artificial intelligence. The project, implemented both online and offline, reached out to hundreds of users with its integrated structure.

Deepbach Experience project received an award from Horizon Interactive Awards in the Social Media Category, as well as a Gold and a Silver Award in the Advertisement-Integrated Campaign Category.

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