Or actions speak louder than words. Or tell me where you work, I’ll tell you who you are.

We’re looking forward to meet peers from the sector aiming to succeed at projects making impressions, be a part of a team taking decisions together, and work with happy clients.

A Great Place to Work!

As a result of the Trust Index survey which was completely shaped by the answers of our team, we passed the threshold by far and received our Great Place to Work certificate. Our teammates think this is a great place to work, so what are you waiting for? Check out open positions now!


Account Executive
Front-End Developer
Social Media Specialist

Account Executive

Job Description

  • Coordinating and managing digital and integrated (advertising and social media) services of leading national and international brands.
  • To ensure that all processes, from the proposal stage to planning, implementation, and completion, are carried out without any problem for the brands that in your responsibility.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction, maintain smooth and on-time communication between the team and the customer.

Required Qualifications

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in project/customer management in digital agencies
  • Sensitive at the level of obsession with business tracking
  • Experienced in digital project management
  • Extremely good at planning and working on planned
  • Able to speak English very well
  • Good at human relations
  • Inclined to teamwork
  • Not getting bored by attending to details, capable of following up and finalizing works
  • Capable of solving problems
  • For male candidates, has made his military service or has been suspended for at least two years

If you think you are suitable for this job, we welcome your applications to


Front-End Developer

Are you ready to embark on a brand-new journey at the "front-end" of the Gricreative team?

No, we are not offering you the CEO position or company partnership.

Even if you are the world's most 'über' Front-End Developer, we have a more reasonable offer:

For our development team, we are looking for a developer who is excited about his work and will produce solutions in our projects together with other departments.

We develop most of the 1.7 billion websites in the world. If that excites you, this is the place you are looking for.

We do not use AWS, Firebases that look so cool. We do not write panels and develop systems with closed systems where performance is not considered important. If you are interested in these, 40% of the world is looking for a “React Developer” right now. You can apply for those postings.

We are ready to work with you if you want to establish a solid foundation for this business, put new information on the previous one every day, to develop handicrafts rather than ready-made solutions.

In case you were wondering, here are our technology standards:

We use NodeJS in our infrastructure, Nunjucks, and SCSS in our interface developments. We are working on performance and sustainable code with SSG that we have developed.

Also, we try different technology stacks with the Code Challenges and side projects that we organize within the team.

If you are interested, we welcome your application to


Social Media Specialist

Job Description

  • Manage social media communication of companies and brands
  • Develop social media strategies
  • Applying these strategies in a plan
  • Good at community management
  • Good at online reputation management
  • Fulfill the requirements of Digital PR
  • Writing social media content
  • Develop creative social media campaign ideas
  • Plan and execute Blogger communications
  • Take proactive actions by following daily reflections
  • Reporting by using monitoring tools
  • Know and manage social CRM
  • Prepare social media crisis management plan, predict situations that may cause the crisis, take precautions
  • Understand social media advertising
  • Follow social media trends and technologies

Required Qualifications

  • Experienced in social media
  • Has a bachelor’s degree
  • Be able to carry out in-house and in-company workflows smoothly at every stage of the project since the acquisition of brief
  • Good at planning and organizing
  • Researcher, creative
  • Able to prepare the presentation
  • Advanced English
  • Good at MS Office programs
  • Good at communication

For male candidates, has completed their military service or has been suspended at least 2 years

If you think you are suitable for this job, we welcome your applications to

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