Social Media

We convey the colorful world of Bahçıvan Peynir, one of the oldest companies in the dairy products industry, to the social media accounts.

Achieving to always stay young, Bahçıvan Peynir’s social media strategy enabled us to establish a close bond with our followers. We continue to grow and increase our fan base day by day based on such bond.

We organize regular contests and always keep in touch with our followers in this journey we set off with a sincere and understanding strategy. We continue to meet new followers with this communication model.  

We never miss out on the agenda of our followers and never leave the world of youth thanks to the real-time contents. We owe our fan base over 100K followers on Facebook to this interactive communication. Owing its success to its innovative understanding, we contribute to Bahçıvan Peynir’s rise to 8th rank in FMCG category of Boomsocial’s “Most social brands” survey with social media accounts.

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