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We’ve set off this journey to design an assertive structure which would contribute to the leadership mission of Sompo Sigorta as one of the leading companies in the industry with its innovative practices. We’ve aimed to present the products and services offered by the company can be more easily understandable while meeting the user requirements. We’ve aimed to increase the conversion rates of the site by increasing the usability of online quote screens. We’ve placed practical and progressive form structures to the landing pages appealing directly to the user with expressions such as “How can we help you? Please select to get a quote” and applied the same approach throughout the structure in order to achieve our objective.


Competitor Analysis

Data Analysis

Research Results Analysis


Card Grouping




Following the detailed review of the current website of the brand as part of the research and analysis process, which is the first stage of the project, we’ve made interviews with users consisting of agencies, customers, and prospective customers. We’ve rolled up our sleeves to convey the information about the products and services offered by the brand to the users in a clear way in line with the acquired findings.


Video Recording

Screen Recording

Interview Notes

Remote Access


Tree Testing

Usability Testing (Competitor Set)

Question Flow

Quick access to the site and accessibility are the most important aspects. The user shall be able to access what he/she is looking for on 3rd page at the latest. There shall not be excessive ads as well, the site shall serve the user’s purpose quickly.
Murat D., Insured
Customers ask for guidance when they call in when they’re outside. We check the current information from contracted providers, agencies, and websites.
İbrahim B., Sompo Sigorta Agent


We’ve implemented as responsive structure with desktop and mobile compatible structure so that the user can access to a proper experience on all devices. We’ve built highly useable progressive form structures directly appealing to the user and accompanying the user with respect to the product that they are interested in throughout the process. We’ve designed the flows of that the insured customers are required to use in case of need, such as damage transactions, contracted providers, etc.

We’ve made sure with the content titles inside the sticky navigation that the user can easily access the content on long pages. We’ve implemented a practical solution intended for the user to easily view the pages under the same title with side menu structure.

We’ve implemented the main color of the brand’s corporate identity with a wide white are balance as part of the visual design (UI). While we’ve created a mixed structure with images and illustrations in interface design, we’ve created a unique and persisting visual quality with custom designed icons.

Information Architecture
User Flows
Visual Design
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