We’ve equipped the website of TEB Faktoring with digital innovations with an approach that enhances its innovative stance in the industry. We’ve rebuilt the structure in line with the user requirements in order to offer faster and more practical progress for companies in all sizes, SMEs in particular.

We picked up the speed!

We’ve determined speed as the building block of TEB Faktoring’s digital conversion. We’ve created the “Quick Application” feature based on such strategy, and created a solution-oriented experience for the users. We’ve supported such experience with mobile application to make it more active. We’ve facilitates the faktoring operations of the users with this mobile application which allows for quickly sending invoices and checks.


We’ve created the #InTheBlinkOfAnEye concept on the social media for users who would like to see that their faktoring operations are quickly resolved and made sure that all followers, SMEs in particular, are informed about these operations.

Feel Free!

We’ve shot a digital commercial film to show how fast faktoring operations can be completed with TEB Faktoring. And we named it “Feel Free!”.

New achievements

We are named as the “Most social faktoring” in the faktoring category of the top 500 social companies of Turkey survey conducted by Business Life magazine with this world we’ve created.

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