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We’ve kickstarted the works for Pension Monitoring Center (EGM) that is in the business of operating the Private Pension System (BES) in a safe and effective way with a detailed briefing. 

Following the workshop, in which value-added service ideas and improvement proposals came to existence, was stigmatized by the insight that the main reasons of users preferring BES were not retirement but make savings, and clarified the need to readdress the savings calculators, we made user interviews while the benchmark research continued with all its intensity


We sought an answer to the question “How can we build the right structure intended for these users who have needs and expectations different from each other?” for EGM as an organization which both BES companies and pension companies offering the service and the intermediaries employed by such companies, as well as the individuals getting such service (after Automatic Enrollment System (OKS)), and the employers and the public apply to for all kinds of information.


We’ve formed our strategy after the user interviews made with real users representing the predetermined personas, analysis of the existing structure, and reviewing similar domestic and foreign structures in line with our UX project process.

We’ve proceeded based on the analyses on wireframe structures worked by the UX designer in line with all these stages. We’ve made sure with the usability tests after the design and software that the structure is serving for its purpose. Now is the time for optimization.

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