Digital, Web Design

We’ve revamped the website of Hilton, one of the biggest hotel chains in the world, worthy of its name. We’ve prioritized meeting the user requirements in the most accurate way possible, and gave the website a modern look.

Rich content

We’ve rebuilt the website featuring all Hilton hotels located in Turkey so that the users can access the information they seek more easily. We’ve enriched the content of each Hilton hotel page, and divided into categories.

Detailed viewing possibility

We’ve added dining, meeting, and wedding sections to the website, and enriched the image content, and presented a structure in which the users can access to detailed information. Moreover, with the city based list we made sure that the users can view all of the Hilton hotels located in their respective city on a single page.

A new widget, a new world

Thanks to the widget custom developed for Hilton, we made sure that the user can directly access the hotel he/she is interested in. We ensured flawless widget operation with the detailed keyword list allowing easy access to all Hilton hotels located in Turkey and worldwide.

Deal opportunities

We’ve created an announcement page so that the monthly deals of Hilton hotels can reach more users worldwide. We continue to update the announcement page as the deals are renewed.

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