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What are the objectives of the company? What do users want? And what kind of technologies do we need? For, we’ve proceeded step by step in research, analysis, strategy, design, and production stages, and presented a functional structure with high usability in which the functions stand out. We’ve positioned the functions such as get motor insurance quote, find agency, claim operations which users need the most on the landing page.

While we placed all products for easy access from the main menu, we’ve featured motor insurance, property insurance and health insurance, the focus products of the company. We’ve used an informative flow and plain contents on all pages responding to the users’ needs.


Competitor Analysis

Data Analysis

Research Results Analysis


Card Grouping




We’ve made interviews with users corresponding to the personas representing various target audiences as agencies, customers, and prospective customers.

12 Users


Prospective Customer


User Interviews

355 mins.

Questions Asked


To the agencies:

“For which purposes do you use the websites of the companies that you act as an agency?”

To the insurance customers:

“Where would you apply when you are in need of an insurance product?


Sound Recording

Video Recording

Screen Recording

Interview Notes

Remote Access


Tree Testing

Usability Test (competitor set)

Question Flow

I’m looking for various insurance companies yet I am unable to understand the reason for such price differences. They use the tiniest fonts for coverage limits. They are illegible and lead to confusion.
Ayşin A., Insured
I usually abstain from filling out the form. Because I have no idea when they will call me. They sometimes do not call at all. And I’m not available even if they do call me.
Nida Ö., Insured
The insurance company needs to tell me which product they want to sell so that I can act accordingly. Also, this captcha field is confusing.
Ahmet A., Groupama Agency


We set our roadmap in line with the strategy determined as a result of the situation analysis pursuant to Design Thinking approach. We started to design by identifying the basic functions that the website needs to fulfill and by defining the order of importance of such functions in terms of both the users and the company’s objectives. We’ve designed a structure which provides originality and functionality concurrently as part of the sketch and UI design stages by adopting the problem-solving approach.

We’ve designed the interfaces of the homepage and detail pages in accordance with a concept that reflects the brand’s corporate identity and its motto “Do not worry, your insurance is Groupama”. We’ve provided integrity with UX and SEO text writing service. 

Information Architecture
User Flows
UI Design
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